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The Source is conveniently located in West Los Angeles right by the 405 freeway, but is high above the hustle and bustle of the city.  It is a tranquil, yet professional, environment where those in need can receive the best help available today.  It is important to know that The Source is much more than a large and beautiful space with a 180-degree city view and a 3000 square foot outdoor balcony.  We are a top quality treatment center committed to healing those who choose to engage in the important work of recovery from an unhealthy relationship with food or from nicotine addiction.  The Source has created two programs: an Obesity/Food Addiction/Binge Eating Treatment Program and the Smoking Cessation Treatment Program.

The Source was founded by Clinical Psychologists and staffed only with licensed and certified professionals.  We utilize a holistic approach that incorporates a wide range of treatments to create a powerful experiential healing connection.  We offer very carefully constructed programs that cater to differing levels of intensity and commitment. A myriad of additional individual treatments are also available to further incorporate our clients’ new learning into their lives.



In the recent past, neuroscience has gathered substantial evidence that the brain can actually rewire itself (known as neuroplasticity). The brain has the ability to reorganize itself by building new neural connections.  The brain always seeks equilibrium or homeostasis and accomplishes this through self-regulation. The brain scans the body and the external environment and makes changes based on the information it receives.  Much of this regulation takes place automatically beyond our awareness. Neurofeedback gives the individual’s brain a powerful tool to better accomplish the task of effective self-regulation. Specifically, the brain learns how to better self-regulate its states of thoughts, feelings and arousal levels. Neurofeedback is a scientifically proven way to improve the way you feel and function in the world by improving how your brain operates.

The most common applications of neurofeedback are attention deficit disorder, mood disorders, sleep disorders, alcoholism and other addictions; epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It has also been found that normal, functional brains can benefit from these training regimens in terms of creating “mental fitness” or “optimum performance” applications.

Neurofeedback magnifies areas that are not working as efficiently as they could, and trains the brain to operate more effectively. The brain then reorganizes itself by forming new neural pathways or activating unused ones as it expands functionality. As with all abilities we develop, the gains made with neurofeedback are typically permanent.

To understand the process, it is important to understand that brainwaves have a spectrum of frequencies.  Each frequency spectrum carries a different meaning about emotions, physical movement, concentration, and creative expression. Issues happen when specific frequencies do not fire optimally for a given activity.

The brain is a complex system and it is best to get at the root of an issue from clusters of symptoms rather than one isolated event. At The Source, we use an advanced software system call BrainPaint, which uses a symptom-based assessment tool from which individualized protocols are created.

How does it work?

After an initial assessment, an individualized protocol is created and your first session can begin.  Information coming from the brain's electrical signals is displayed on a computer screen giving the brain a way to see itself in action.  Neurofeedback gives feedback to the brain with regards to its states of focus, thoughts and feelings.  The sensors only pick up the electrical activity coming from your brain waves. Depending on your protocols, you may either receive feedback with your eyes closed (auditory only) or with your eyes open (auditory and visual).  BrainPaint will let you know when you are “in the zone” – the perfect state of relaxed attentiveness with your awareness in the present moment, or what we call, “What is”. Every 2 minutes, BrainPaint will give you additional feedback as well.

Generally people notice improvements within the first 5-8 sessions, but this does not mean that you are finished. To achieve your goals and for longer lasting results, 25-30 sessions are recommended.

If you are interested in learning more about neurofeedback or would like to begin treatment, please contact us and we will set-up an appointment at your earliest convenience.



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